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They Will Know Us By Our Love

Diid lives in northern Kenya, where he and his team face much opposition. The community where they serve is predominantly Muslim, and they regularly receive threats for sharing the gospel. However, Diid and his team continue to share the message of Christ unashamedly.

During an evangelism outreach, Diid and his team saw 13-year-old Adam, the son of one of the families who oppose them the most. He fell from a tree and was crying in pain.

Diid could see that Adam’s wrist was badly fractured, so he kindly offered to take Adam to the hospital on his motorcycle since it was far from the village.

When Diid brought Adam back home, his wrist in a cast, this simple act of compassion spread quickly throughout the village. The people in the community were amazed that Diid showed empathy for his enemies. And because Diid’s actions matched the message of love he preached, five Muslims came to Jesus that day!

From the Frontlines: “Some of the people around told us not to share the Gospel…”

“One day while we were doing house-to-house evangelism, we noticed a man on the road who was obviously mentally handicapped.  Some of the people around told us not to share the gospel with him since he was already a Muslim. But we decided to take a few moments to speak to him anyway, even though his comprehension was very limited. While we were sharing with him, I noticed that his shirt said in huge letters: “WHY ALWAYS ME?”
I felt strongly that this statement described his condition, and that this man was despised and rejected by society. However, the Lord wanted us to honor him by sharing the love of Christ with him.  So, we spoke words of encouragement to him and prayed for him. I know he was blessed because of the huge smile on his face when we said goodbye.  Instead of telling him he was a guilty sinner and that he had broken God’s law, we shared the love of Christ with him, proclaiming that he was a precious man in the sight of God!

From the frontlines: “We are so thankful about what God is doing…”

The prayers by Send56 missionaries are proven effective more and more each day, as God continues to validate His Gospel message in Africa. Wadada, a Send56 missionary, recently witnessed first-hand how the Lord provides for his people.

There are many bible studies throughout the countries that Send56 works in with new believers. Many communities and churches are continuing to grow as people see the faithfulness of God and His kindness.

Wadada, a missionary working in Uganda, was a part of one such bible study when his faith was strengthened by witnessing Gods kindness.

One day, while in a home with a bible study group, prayer requests were offered. One woman asked prayer for a new home as her lease was up.

She believed God for new home in spite of the tension she experienced with her family and logistics. Wadada recounted that after a five-minute prayer, God moved.

When they followed up with her, her request was answered. God provided for her!

Your prayers make stories like these possible and are greatly appreciated by missionaries like Wadada, “We are thankful for you partnering with us and for your prayers. Be blessed.”

Thank you for your part in the great commission.

This is a photo of a Send56 missionary that represents Paul. Names and photos are changed in blog posts for security purposes.
This is a photo of a Send56 missionary that represents Paul. Names and photos are changed in blog posts for security purposes.

From the Frontlines: “After seeing this woman relieved from her pain, the other patients began to respond positively…”

Paul, a Send56 trained and mobilized missionary serving the Lord in Africa, recently shared one of his many stories from his experiences on the field. His joyful countenance shone brightly as he recounted the story of God bringing the increase.

“I want to thank God for what he’s doing in Sudan. I have a testimony of what God has been doing,” said Paul.

Earlier this year, Paul ministered in a hospital in Sudan. Paul and his teammates surveyed a room with ill patients and politely asked them if they may pray with them, to which the patients agreed.

At first, Paul’s prayers for healing were not answered. It wasn’t until one of the doctors, who had assisted Paul in translating his prayers to their language, urged them to believe for healing that they began to engage in prayer.

The first woman to believe, had pain in her chest and stomach. After Paul and his team poured out their hearts to God to give her healing, her pain completely left her.

After seeing this woman relieved from her pain, the other patients began to respond positively, willing to receive prayers for healing.

“After praying with them, God has healed all of them. I gave glory to God and I shared with them the love of Jesus… they all gave their lives to Jesus,” said Paul.

God is proclaiming His Name through the love and devotion of missionaries like Paul every day.

“I thank you for your prayers that you’re offering for us! Thank you for your support. Really, God is doing work here where we are… We really love you and we bless you in Jesus name.”

Thank you for your part in the great commission.

From the frontlines: “We saw God helping us preach…”

This is a photo of a Send56 missionary that represents Peter. Names and photos are changed in blog posts for security purposes.

As Peter trusted in the Lord to give him direction,  the Holy Spirit began preparing the hearts of those that he would soon disciple.

Peter, a Send56 missionary in Sudan, waited patiently for God’s direction after realizing his heart belonged to those who did not know Christ. 
After much prayer, Peter moved to a part of Sudan populated by varied tribal groups. Peter and a team of Send56 missionaries reached out to these communities, displaying the loving kindness of Jesus. 
At first, only a handful of people attended Sunday services that Peter and his teammates conducted, but as the weeks passed the Lord provided the increase and more and more believers attended services. Peter’s heart was filled with joy as he saw his new brothers and sisters begin to take ownership of their faith and outreaches. 
Peter relay’s his experience firsthand:
 “In our area, we have a group of people who are from different tribes,” Peter said. “We saw God helping us preach and many souls were won to Christ.” 
In reference to new believers in Sudan, Peter says, “We Saw their commitment, their spirit of feeling ownership, being part of the community of members. Even if we went late, we could find them beginning the program by themselves.” 
To believers in the U.S., Peter says, “We really thank God for the support you are giving as a team. We see that this is responding to God’s call. Let God Bless you” 
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From the Front Lines: “We would meet secretly in his home for a time… he accepted.”

This past June was the ninth month of the Muslim calendar year, Ramadan. In Pemba, an island off the east coast of Africa, 99% of its 400,000 inhabitants that follow Islam underwent a strict fast. They could not consume anything except water from sunrise to sunset.

Rashid, 25, was among those fasting in pursuit of enlightenment… and the Lord had him in mind. Read more

From the Front Lines: No One Knew….That Decision Would Be Tested

Recently in East Africa , Moses and his team of fellow missionaries conducted an outreach in the Nubian community center. As they went door to door, they sought ways to minister to the people in their community who had yet to hear of Jesus and his work on the cross.

The Lord guided their steps to the door of a charcoal business owner, Hawa. Like many people in that region, Hawa and her daughter were devout Muslims. Moses’ team shared the gospel with Hawa and by the Lord’s grace, she and her daughter believed in Jesus. Sadly, the story doesn’t end here.

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The Power of Jesus is Greater!

From the Front Lines:

Powerful report from one of our native missionaries on the ground in Ethiopia: “Today has been an amazing day where I saw God in action! After preaching at a powerful Sunday service, our team felt led by the spirit of God to go visit a family of unbelievers that we have known for almost 6 years. Upon arrival, we found that the mother of the house had been involved in an accident that left her with a wounded knee.

As we kept talking to her and sharing the love of Jesus Christ (like we always do when we visit our unbelieving friends), this woman burst into tears and started asking us how she could give her life to Jesus and make Him her Lord and Savior. Read more

Bold As Lions – Boldness for Miracles

We were in our second year of the ministry in Africa with 30 student missionaries committed to prayer, study of the word, fasting, and reaching the unreached. It was December and the money we expected to receive for support had already come in. There was nothing left. Our only vehicle, a 1994 Toyota van, was on its second engine and was broken down in the shop. This meant that there was no van for the school and not enough money for starting again in January. Maybe we needed to just shut it all down. Read more

Arming Ourselves to Suffer

He who suffers in the flesh has ceased from sin. (1 Peter 4:1)

It often happens in the Christian life, that people want the easy way out when dealing with their sin. We want to be instantly delivered from our cravings and appetites, or as Paul the apostle called them, “the passions of our flesh” (Eph. 2:3; Gal. 5:24). However, there is no easy solution to overcome sin in our lives. We will have to suffer. Even Jesus, though he never sinned, was not exempt from this truth. The Bible tells us that Jesus learned obedience through what he suffered (Hebrews 5:8). There are no shortcuts here to overcoming passions; we will have to pick up our cross and follow Jesus. Read more

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