A Greater Purpose

December 3, 2015 Evie Palmer

A Greater Purpose

Everything happens for a reason. God has composed our lives, even before we were in our mother’s womb, and we bear the weight to live our lives not unto ourselves, but for His purpose.

For instance, in the story of Esther, although she was a young, orphaned, foreign girl, God looked upon her with greatness in mind. Esther was a nobody until the opportunity arose for her to be queen. It was not merely her beauty that sparked the interest of the king, but it was the plan of God, which He had orchestrated and predestined even before Esther was born. Nonetheless, Esther was not placed in the position of power and authority for her own enjoyment, comfort, and personal pleasure. On the contrary, she was fulfilling the purposes of God. She came into the kingdom for “such a time as this” to save God’s chosen people. Therefore, Queen Esther chose not to hide in the palace while calamity came to her people. The blood of the people would be on her hands if she chose to ignore Mordecai’s exhortation. Instead, as a result of her position, Queen Esther made the commitment to lay down her life. She decided to boldly go into the presence of the king without being summoned, which could result in sudden death. Consequently, Esther’s obedience to the mandate of God resulted in her people being saved.

Likewise, as believers in the developed parts of the world, we were not born on this continent and at this specific time in history, merely to live a comfortable and easy life. Rather, we are here as God’s vessels, to be poured out for His desires, that His word may run swiftly to the nations. People all around us are perishing because they have no witness for Christ. Yet, God has blessed us with finances and resource to help fulfill the Great Commission, which is the will of God, that all men would be saved. But how can they hear without a preacher? And how can they come to salvation without someone being sent? The Great Commission will not be fulfilled by happenstance, but it will take people like you and I thrusting our finances, prayers, resources, and even our very lives into the nations. We bear the great weight of responsibility like Esther, and we cannot simply sit back, store treasures in our barn, and live the “American Dream”. Therefore, Let us commit our finances, resources, time, and even our lives into the arms of the Almighty. Let us not simply seek pleasure or comfort in this life, but let us lay ourselves down, and live according to His greater purpose, for He is our abundant reward.

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Evie Palmer

Evie Palmer is a mother of seven children, a singer, a songwriter and a lover of Jesus. She has served with her husband, Gabe Palmer, in the inner-cities of Los Angeles and Atlanta, as well as in East Africa. Her passion is to love her family well and awaken believers hearts unto the Great Commission. She currently lives with her husband and seven children in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

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