Freedom from Addiction

October 5, 2018
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October 5, 2018 Chloe Villarreal

Freedom from Addiction

For Send56 missionaries and Bible college students, their aim is to fall more in love with Christ and see His message preached throughout the nations. Students and missionaries alike are surrounded by communities of believers who are fervently pursuing Christ. As they have freely received the gospel of grace, they go out to offer the same gift of salvation to others.

They go in hard and dark areas to search out the ones who are lost. In doing so, they found Michael. For much of his adulthood, Michael was overcome with addiction and spent most of his livelihood toward his drug addiction. Then one day he met Send56 missionary, Warren, and his life radically changed.

Warren enlightened Misa about the dangers of his addiction and offered him the hope of the gospel.

Warren relays, “We then prayed together and the spirit of God drove him to pray and fast for twenty-four hours! Now he is completely delivered from drugs and has a hunger for God’s word! Glory to Jesus!”

Thanks to Send56 missionaries and partners like you, one more brother received salvation and deliverance!

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