June 3, 2018 Chloe Villarreal

From the Frontlines: “After seeing this woman relieved from her pain, the other patients began to respond positively…”

Paul, a Send56 missionary serving the Lord in Africa, recently shared one of his many stories from his experiences on the field. His joyful countenance shone brightly as he recounted the story of God bringing the increase.

“I want to thank God for what he’s doing. I have a testimony of what God has been doing,” said Paul.

Earlier this year, Paul ministered in a hospital. Paul and his teammates surveyed a room with ill patients and politely asked them if they may pray with them, to which the patients agreed.

At first, Paul’s prayers for healing were not answered. It wasn’t until one of the doctors, who had assisted Paul in translating his prayers to their language, urged them to believe for healing that they began to engage in prayer.

The first woman to believe, had pain in her chest and stomach. After Paul and his team poured out their hearts to God to give her healing, her pain completely left her.

After seeing this woman relieved from her pain, the other patients began to respond positively, willing to receive prayers for healing.

“After praying with them, God has healed all of them. I gave glory to God and I shared with them the love of Jesus… they all gave their lives to Jesus,” said Paul.

God is proclaiming His Name through the love and devotion of missionaries like Paul every day. “I thank you for your prayers that you’re offering for us! Thank you for your support. Really, God is doing work here where we are… We really love you and we bless you in Jesus name.”

Thank you for your part in the Great Commission.

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