November 1, 2018 Chloe Villarreal

From The Frontlines: “… and he stopped going to Mosque’s for prayers.”

Below is a testimony from Send56 Missionary Eric.

“I bless God for all that he has been doing in this month… Last month I met a young man at a salon. When I had gone to shave my hair, this man and I started a friendship, and moving together life to life. I told him that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. We continued moving together and he reached a point where he opened up and shared with me. He was struggling with alcohol and drugs. He felt that God no longer heard his prayers. One day I went to visit him as usual, and he requested prayer; He wanted to become saved! We prayed together and I started DBS with him. I bless God for this man because he is faithful and teachable. Today he shared with me that his heart is burning for others with whom he used to take alcohol and drugs. He desires to see them believe in Jesus. After DBS, he requested me to pray for them, and for God to also help him to witness to them.”

The Lord is moving mightily among his people. Praise God!

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