From the frontlines: “We saw God helping us preach…”

May 1, 2018
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From the frontlines: “We saw God helping us preach…”

This is a photo of a Send56 missionary that represents Peter. Names and photos are changed in blog posts for security purposes.

As Peter trusted in the Lord to give him direction, the Holy Spirit began preparing the hearts of those that he would soon disciple.

Peter, a Send56 missionary in Sudan, waited patiently for God’s direction after realizing his heart belonged to those who did not know Christ.

After much prayer, Peter moved to a part of Africa populated by varied tribal groups. Peter and a team of Send56 missionaries reached out to these communities, displaying the loving kindness of Jesus.  At first, only a handful of people attended Sunday services that Peter and his teammates conducted, but as the weeks passed the Lord provided the increase and more and more believers attended services. Peter’s heart was filled with joy as he saw his new brothers and sisters begin to take ownership of their faith and outreaches.

Peter relay’s his experience firsthand:

“In our area, we have a group of people who are from different tribes,” Peter said. “We saw God helping us preach and many souls were won to Christ.”

In reference to new believers, Peter says, “We Saw their commitment, their spirit of feeling ownership, being part of the community of members. Even if we went late, we could find them beginning the program by themselves.”

To believers in the U.S., Peter says, “We really thank God for the support you are giving as a team. We see that this is responding to God’s call. Let God Bless you”

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