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The Power of Jesus is Greater!

From the Front Lines:

Powerful report from one of our native missionaries on the ground in Ethiopia: “Today has been an amazing day where I saw God in action! After preaching at a powerful Sunday service, our team felt led by the spirit of God to go visit a family of unbelievers that we have known for almost 6 years. Upon arrival, we found that the mother of the house had been involved in an accident that left her with a wounded knee.

As we kept talking to her and sharing the love of Jesus Christ (like we always do when we visit our unbelieving friends), this woman burst into tears and started asking us how she could give her life to Jesus and make Him her Lord and Savior.

I offered to lead her in a prayer of confession and asking Jesus to come into her life. With great excitement, she begged us to do so! As soon as we prayed for her and led her to Christ, she began confessing all the secrets of her idol worship to us. The witchdoctor she went to for demonic worship had ordered her to never to wash her hair with water (for many weeks now). She was ordered not to change her inner clothing under any condition and she was commanded to burn incense to demons in her home several times each day among many other strange things. She went into her secret room and brought out all of her tools for witchcraft and all of her satanic altars. At which point we publicly set fire to these items! As these idolatrous things were burning, we ministered deliverance to her and her family. She began to manifest demons and she even began rolling around her living room! We continued to pray for her and we were finally able to declare her free and we prayed for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. We then prayed for and anointed the entire house with anointing oil – declaring all of the household and family as an altar of Jehovah God’s worship!!! We declared NO MORE IDOL WORSHIP & NO MORE WITCHCRAFT IN JESUS NAME! This family now belongs to Jesus!!! We are meeting with them regularly at the House of Prayer so that we may teach them how to live a new life in Christ Jesus!”

Please lift this family before God in prayers for continued protection! Now that they are free from witchcraft, pray that they may grow in their relationship with Jesus by grace.

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