April 3, 2015 Evie Palmer

The Great Commission

A Poem

Through the setting of dynamic worship and prayer
I spoke to my saints through a whisper in their ear
I reminded them of my harvest, and the fruit of my reward
That I long to return, but laborers must go forth
These believers were stirred and commissioned, to go out to the nations
To finish the task of spreading my gospel message far and wide
To go out to the dark places, to every tribe, tongue and nation
To be ministers and flames of fire
To rebuild communities where prayer is at the center
To be a beacon of hope in this darkest hour
For the word of the Lord to go forth
However, Satan in his cunning tactics
Sent his weapon of fear to grip them to stay back
But when fear was demolished, he sent doubt their way
To keep these called out ones in their safe place
And when fear and doubt wouldn’t do, he sent division a slew
To keep the word silent
But these warriors took up the shield of faith,
They battled doubt, discouragement, and dismay
And pushed through every obstacle in their way
They did not allow fear to grip them, or wars to come between them
But stood firm in their faith
They trusted in the word that was spoken and believed what they heard
Which resulted in victory as they were launched to the ends of the earth
These sent out ones are preparing the way
For I am coming again, and coming quickly

Evie Palmer

Evie Palmer is a mother of seven children, a singer, a songwriter and a lover of Jesus. She has served with her husband, Gabe Palmer, in the inner-cities of Los Angeles and Atlanta, as well as in East Africa. Her passion is to love her family well and awaken believers hearts unto the Great Commission. She currently lives with her husband and seven children in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

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