From the Front Lines: No One Knew….That Decision Would Be Tested

October 31, 2017
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From the Front Lines: No One Knew….That Decision Would Be Tested

Recently in East Africa , Moses and his team of fellow missionaries conducted an outreach in the Nubian community center. As they went door to door, they sought ways to minister to the people in their community who had yet to hear of Jesus and his work on the cross.

The Lord guided their steps to the door of a charcoal business owner, Hawa. Like many people in that region, Hawa and her daughter were devout Muslims. Moses’ team shared the gospel with Hawa and by the Lord’s grace, she and her daughter believed in Jesus. Sadly, the story doesn’t end here.

No one knew how quickly that decision would be tested,” Moses explained. “That very same night, a thief broke in and stole all the of charcoal she owned (60 large sacks). She lost her entire business.” 

“The team found her the next day, feeling very distressed. But she felt like it was the community retaliating against her, but her faith never wavered. They encouraged her and continued to pray for her.” 

Just days after the incident, the Lord provided a job for Hawa as a teacher in a Christian private school, where she is close proximity to the team that led her to Christ. 

“She has been nurtured in the faith as our team continues to disciple her,” Moses said, “She has stayed the course for six months now, and is a testimony to the faithfulness of Christ!”

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