September 14, 2014 Jesse Digges

The Official Launch of Send56!

This month we are celebrating the official launch of the ministry Send56. For several years we have been praying and taking steps in this direction and have finally arrived at the beginning of this new chapter.

The Shehee family, who have been doing ministry in northern Uganda for the past five years training leaders and facilitating prayer gatherings, felt a call from the Lord to join efforts with us for a greater work to be birthed in Africa. Then the Palmer family visited our ministry in Uganda. Two years previously God sent them to work in Mozambique for a year. During that time they were impacted by the calling on the African pastors and leaders and the need to see native believers supported for the work of missions. They also felt moved by the Lord to join this effort. The writing was on the wall, it was time to begin Send56.

Immediately the ministry is expanding from the initial work in Uganda in two new directions. First, we are beginning a US office in Atlanta, Georgia in partnership with the International House of Prayer, a 24 hour prayer center that has continued night and day prayer for the last eight years. Secondly, Rachelle and I will be leading a team early next year to plant the second Missions Base in central Kenya which will be a hub of operations to train and send missionaries into the Horn of Africa.

Send56 is a ministry committed to training and mobilizing thousands of native missionaries from Africa to unreached people groups with the gospel. Our mandate comes out of Isaiah 56:7, "my house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations." “Prayer” and God’s plan to save all “nations” are the two Biblical pillars that uphold everything about who we are as a ministry.

This ministry has a unique strategy to link the East and West for the accomplishment of the great commission. In Africa, we develop Mission Bases that serve as training and sending stations. Each base has a 24/7 prayer center and a mission training program called the School of Missions and Prayer (M.A.P.) which utilizes a Biblical, apologetic, and hands-on approach to discipleship. Then we work to send these native missionaries to the unreached as full-time church planters and evangelists. In the West, we raise the global partnerships that make it possible for these missionaries to go as laborers to the unreached. In response to Paul’s statement in Romans 10:15 "how can they preach unless they are sent?" we are undertaking a massive effort to create the support network of global partners that is necessary to “send” these native workers.

We are humbled and excited about this ministry and the call from the Lord and thrilled to be sharing it with you. Please take some time and check out our new website Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to help us get the word out. Please pray about partnering with us in this launch by giving a one-time donation toward the cost of start up, or begin sponsoring a native missionary today!

Finally, lift up this work in prayer as we believe God together for those who have never heard about Jesus to receive the gospel.

Jesse Digges

Jesse Digges is co-founder of Send56, a ministry which exists to serve the African missions movement. He has worked as a full-time missionary since 2008, developing prayer centers and discipleship schools for training and sending African missionaries. He is a regular contributor on the Send56 blog, a Bible teacher, and an evangelist. He resides in East Africa with his wife Rachelle and their three children, Hadassah, Bethany and Jadon.

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