September 4, 2018 Chloe Villarreal

They Will Know Us By Our Love

Dan lives in eastern Africa, where he and his team face much opposition. The community where they serve is predominantly extremist, and they regularly receive threats for sharing the gospel. However, Dan and his team continue to share the message of Christ unashamedly.

During an outreach, Dan and his team saw 13-year-old Adam, the son of one of the families who oppose them the most. He fell from a tree and was crying in pain.

Dan could see that Adam’s wrist was badly fractured, so he kindly offered to take Adam to the hospital on his motorcycle since it was far from the village.

When Dan brought Adam back home, his wrist in a cast, this simple act of compassion spread quickly throughout the village. The people in the community were amazed that Dan showed empathy for those who were against him. And because Dan’s actions matched the message of love he preached, five people believed in Jesus that day!

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