The School of Missions and Prayer is a two year, full-time, discipleship school.

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MAP is a two year, full-time, discipleship school preparing laborers for the mission field. Our discipleship school has a unique, hand-to-plow, ministry environment. Students engage in personal inductive Bible study every day and fulfill weekly hours in the prayer room. They do community service with the poor and orphaned. All students are involved in person-to-person evangelism and gain experiences in preaching and teaching. We also cultivate an atmosphere of openness and accountability in small groups and in the weekly sharing of the Lord’s Supper.

First year students focus on character development, intimacy with God, Bible study, and practical ministry with the IAM curriculum.

The 2nd Year students do in-depth study of church planting strategies, leadership skills, Arabic, Islam, Muslim evangelism, missionology, and eschatology.

All students are involved in weekly apologetics training where we utilize the i2 Ministries curriculum.

Graduates of the two-year program are uniquely qualified to plant churches among the unreached through their training in Biblical studies, Muslim apologetics, cross-cultural ministry, and church planting, all within the context of a prayerful life.

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