Send56 exists to engage senders and train native African missionaries to partner together to reach the unreached people groups in Africa with the Gospel. From the place of presence-centered prayer, we help engage believers who are called to pray and send; train up native African missionaries who are ready to go and preach; and unite the global church to make disciples in all the tribes of Africa.

For over 10 years, we have been serving the African missions movement by discipling and mobilizing a new generation of native African missionaries to love Jesus, fulfill the Great Commission, and usher in the return of the Lord. 

At the same time, we are serving the church in America by creating awareness of our biblical call to the unreached and as a result, engaging a new movement of senders. 

Using Romans 10 as our roadmap, we labor to build gospel partnerships between those called to send and go, unto new disciples of Jesus being raised up in the midst of the hardest to reach places.


We are looking for a positive, team-oriented, kingdom-minded individual who models initiative and organization as they contribute their gifts to making much of Jesus in Africa. The Financial & HR Administrator is primarily responsible for assisting with donation management, accounts payable administration, and HR.

  • This is a part-time, 20 hour position that will be compensated at $18/hour.
  • We are looking for someone local to our Lawrenceville, GA headquarters, however remote employees will be considered.

This is a position that requires you to have responsibilities in multiple departments and work closely with the HQ Director. It is a growth opportunity with the potential to take on more responsibility in the accounting and HR department over time.

Accounts Receivable Coordination:

  • Process checks and submit bank deposits to bookkeeping company weekly
  • Manage upcoming donation tracking process
  • Follow up with donors to resolve card errors or donation questions
  • Oversee donations coordination and accuracy of donor giving statements

Accounts Payable Oversight:

  • Make sure all auto-pay subscriptions are active and paid on time
  • Track all receipts from card users and file invoices for monthly reconciliation

Assist Financial Department Heads:

  • Assist in coordination of monthly wire transfers to Africa
  • Assist with end of year budgeting process
  • Assist in coordination and communication related to projects, department metrics and deadlines

HR Coordination:

  • Coordinate onboarding new hires by keeping onboarding process in place
  • Manage all Send56 staff communications
  • Complete quarterly reviews with each staff member to assess where they are at with fundraising goals
  • Oversee annual salary request process and mid-year bonus request process
  • Make sure all HR decisions are in line with current Send56 policies and procedures
  • Help develop new policies and procedures as necessary
  • Administrate all reimbursements in receipt tracking software and make sure approvals are received from the correct department heads


  • A person who emulates low-drama, high-momentum, high-capacity, positivity, overcomer, dreamer, creative-can-do-whatever-it-takes attitude.
  • Passionate about taking a huge vision and turning it into reality through strategic execution.
  • Able to make independent decisions and problem solve with innovation.
  • Effective at multitasking and time management to meet strict deadlines while remaining flexible and adaptable.
  • Self-motivated, initiator, teachable, and thrive in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Adaptable to tight and fluctuating deadlines, and frequent changes in priorities.
  • A person with the ability to anticipate needs and work above and beyond expectations.

Bonus Points If…

  • You have completed a GateCity House of Prayer Internship or GateCity Global Training School
  • You have a bachelor’s degree or 3+ years of relevant experience in accounting or Human Resources roles
  • Your closet is coordinated by color and season.
  • You realize the importance caffeinated beverages have on a team.
  • You make to-do lists just to check things off.


If you are ready to apply, click the button below and follow the prompts! If you still have some questions about the position, please send them to info@send56.org.