As we corporately gather to celebrate Jesus every week

Many have never heard that He was born

Give the Gift of Salvation to an Unreached People Group

In 2018 we will graduate 20 native missionaries from our Missions and Prayer schools in East Africa.  The majority of those graduates will go on to the mission field, bringing the gospel to those who have yet to hear it.  Our teams have already located three new locations in the region where unreached people groups can be reached.

This does not happen without you. 

To send a native missionary to the field for a long-term assignment costs us approximately $6000 for start-up costs and ongoing monthly support of $400 to assist them on the field while another student is trained in the Missions and Prayer schools.  Would you consider taking Christ with us to someone who has not heard the gospel.


Support a Missionary For One Month $200

Not everyone can financially commit to a monthly pledge. However, we give people the option to give a one-time gift towards a salary for a missionary, so that they can be a part of linking arms with missionaries on the field.   


Support a Missionary in Training For One Month $200

The mission field can be a difficult place. We strive to equip national workers with the armor of God before sending them out to face the challenges of the mission field. Preparing them for the work ahead of them is imperative in saving the lives of those without Christ.


Start-Up Cost For One Unreached Location $2500

Before we can begin evangelizing in new unreached areas, the cost of logistics needs to be covered. Visa applications, housing research, and travel expenses etc. can add up. However, with your support, reaching new areas with the gospel can be possible. 


Cost of Sound Equipment For One Team $500

Microphones, speakers, and amplifiers enable missionaries to proclaim the gospel to large audiences. Many people who have not heard the message of Jesus have come to the Lord as a result of productions like these.


Cost of a Motorcycle For a Missionary $2500

Motorcycles save our missionaries time, energy and money. This enables them to engage in their ministry with more ease so that they may minister to communities that are distant.


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