Ways You Can Pray...

Why pray?

For my house shall be called a house of prayer
for all peoples. – Isaiah 56:7b

Prayer Partners stand alongside Send56 by committing to support the vision and work of the ministry through prayer. At Send56, the work that we do is built upon the foundation of prayer. Not only is prayer essential for the harvest, but it is also the context for calling and sending new laborers to the fields. As we labor to reach the nearly 1000 unreached peoples in Africa, we do it, leaning into the declaration of Isaiah 56:7-8. The doors of the Lord’s house are open to all people, and he intends to gather those that are not yet with him and “make them joyful in his house of prayer”!

Would you consider being part of this gospel mission by joining us in prayer?


What does it look like for you?



Click the button below to sign up! You can choose whether you are able to commit to praying with us monthly or quarterly. Whatever you choose, when you receive those emails make sure you find a moment to open them! Maybe read them with your family or small group and take 5 or 10 minutes to pray together over the missionaries and work being shared!

I Want to Pray!

Want to do more?

Consider starting a prayer community! A prayer community consists of two or more individuals who commit to gathering to pray at least once a month for the work of Send56 in Africa. Will you enter into this work with us? It’s simple to get started:

  1. GATHER. Pull together a small group of friends—two or more who want to join you in doing the work of justice through prayer.
  2. RECEIVE. Make sure you are signed up for the prayer update emails. We will also occasionally notify you of urgent prayer requests.
  3. PRAY. Pray together at least once a month.
  4. SHARE. Tell us you’re starting a group! We’d love to be able to share with you the breakthroughs we’re seeing as well as new resources as they become available.

On behalf of our staff and missionaries on the field, thank you for praying.