August 1, 2018 Chloe Villarreal

From the Frontlines: “Some of the people around told us not to share the Gospel…”

“One day while we were [going] house-to-house, we noticed a man on the road who was mentally handicapped.  Some of the people around told us not to share the love of Christ with him. But we decided to take a few moments to speak to him anyway, even though his comprehension was very limited. While we were sharing with him, I noticed that his shirt said in huge letters: “WHY ALWAYS ME?”

I felt strongly that this statement described his condition, and that this man was despised and rejected by society. However, the Lord wanted us to honor him by sharing the love of Christ with him.  So, we spoke words of encouragement to him and prayed for him. I know he was blessed because of the huge smile on his face when we said goodbye.  Instead of telling him he was a guilty sinner and that he had broken God’s law, we shared the love of Christ with him, proclaiming that he was a precious man in the sight of God!

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