December 17, 2021 Send56

New Job Opportunity in Missions!

Send56 is partnering to oversee a new education project that would change the future of possibility for our missionaries on the field. For a long time, we have been praying about how to address the issue of educating the children of our missionaries, while they are on the field. Most end up having to attend Muslim schools, where they are often bullied for their faith or struggle to learn because of language and cultural differences. In Uganda and Kenya, there are very little homeschooling resources and most parent are unfamiliar with the concept.

In a huge answer to prayer, Hope Academy International is being started, specifically to address this issue! With a long term vision of being a hybrid to both provide support for parents homeschooling younger children and be able to offer boarding school options for older children, we are eager to see this project launch as soon as possible!

In light of this, the Hope Academy International Board of Directors is hiring a Director of Education to help launch our school in 2022. 

Here are all the details you need to know:

Hope Academy will serve as a school for the children of Send56 African missionaries.  The Director of Education should be a creative pioneer who loves to build organizations in the midst of unpredictable challenges. This position is flexible but will require living in East Africa for 4-6 months.

The Director of Education will manage one teacher & one administrator, and work together to accomplish the following key objectives:


  • Present the pros & cons between the different types of schools: International, Ugandan, Kenyan, etc.
  • Develop a hybrid model of education that includes virtual, homeschool, boarding school, and in-person tutoring.  Present options for transitioning from virtual to boarding school as students progress in grade level.  These options should take national and international exams into consideration.  The plan should also include the training and coaching of parents.
  • Provide technology recommendations for how to best support the education model.
  • Acquire all required certifications for legality and accreditation.  This will be achieved through strong management of the Administrator.
  • Develop K-5 curriculum by aggregating existing curriculum and leaning on key relationships.
  • Ensure excellent education of the students through consistent management of the teacher.


January – April, 2022

  • 15-20 hours per week
  • Manage the Teacher & the Administrator with clear timelines and expectations.
  • Present to the Board of Directors all key objectives and update based on strategic feedback.

May – August, 2022 (may require more time in Africa)

  • Full time on site in Africa
  • Complete as many key objectives as possible
  • Set key objectives for Q4 and 2023 Hope Academy launch

September – December, 2022

  • 20-25 hours per week
  • US based
  • Key objectives TBD


  • Management experience.  Preferably managing teachers.
  • Alignment on core values:
    • We value night & day prayer.
    • We value equipping Africans to reach the unreached people groups in Africa.
    • We value children.
  • Experience in curriculum development.
  • Overseas experience, especially in Africa.
  • 4 year degree.


  • January – April: $250/week
  • May – August: $600/week (when full time in Africa)
  • September – December: $400/week

Housing included when stationed overseas.
Expense allowance to be determined.


In 2022, Hope Academy will launch a pilot program with a small Kindergarten class.  In 2023, we’ll expand to include additional grades and by 2025 we want to break ground on a campus that allows for some level of boarding school for middle and high school students.

To apply, please submit your resume to

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